A girl and her cat

24 Feb 2015 In: Day in My Life, Pets, Pictures

SJA 100th Day of school Celebration

23 Feb 2015 In: 1st Grade, Pictures, SJA

Saturday Morning Cartoons

21 Feb 2015 In: Day in My Life

Bubble catching at Gymboree

3 Feb 2015 In: Day in My Life, Happy Baby, Pictures

more snow play

2 Feb 2015 In: Day in My Life, Pictures

It’s january in cleveland, this is what we do.

31 Jan 2015 In: Happy Baby, Pictures

Good Job, Kate!

27 Jan 2015 In: 1st Grade, Overachievement, Pictures, SJA

Today I visited Kate and helped in the Library at Saint Joan’s. One of her papers was on the star student board. So proud of my girl! Tonight we had an impromptu playdate & pizza dinner with the Ryan’s & Fritz’s. So grateful to have good friends.

It’s a Gymboree Day

27 Jan 2015 In: Firsts, Happy Baby, Pictures

Thanks to Grandma Terri’s fun Christmas Gift, we are finally back at Gymboree! Evie loves it!

Annual Trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Sandusky

24 Jan 2015 In: Pictures

Once again we escaped the bitter cold of January in Cleveland, to the hot & wet fun of Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky with our CVECA friends. We left Thursday after school & spent 2 days at the Lodge. Kate made a new friend on the first night named Samantha & spent most of her time playing with her. We had a fun pizza dinner with the Ryans, Spitznagels & Murphy’s Friday night & then hit the pool to close the lodge down. Kate is big enough now to do everything on her own! Can’t believe how big they are both getting!

Sledding Party!

17 Jan 2015 In: Pictures, Playgroup, Tanglewood

This afternoon the sun came out & it was the perfect day for sledding & playing in the snow. Tonight we had dinner with the families in Evie’s playgroup.

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